10 Things That Happened to Me When I Had Covid

10 Things That Happened to Me When I Had Covid

This blog post includes 10 of the things that happened to me when I had Covid. Its bad enough to have Covid by itself but when you also suffer from a mental illness, it can really create more problems.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder over 20 years ago. It is also known as manic depression. My symptoms have always included mania, depression and anxiety but I have been able to manage these symptoms by using the right medication therapy.

I contracted Covid about 2 months ago and I became very sick. I showed every symptom that you could possibly show with Covid. In addition to that I had been vaccinated. Twice and I still got Covid. I was so sick that my hair even hurt. It was the worst experience of my life.

I had many symptoms from Covid and I also started showing symptoms from my bipolar disorder at the same time even though my bipolar disorder is being treated with medication. So not only was I dealing with Covid symptoms, I was also dealing with bipolar symptoms that were actually being treated. Below is 10 of the things that happened when I had Covid.

 10 Things That Happened to Me When I Had Covid

10 Things That Happened to Me While I Had Covid


My fever started out very high. My fever was somewhere between 101 and 102. The fever stayed high for the duration of having Covid. I had to treat the fever with Tylenol and Advil around the clock. I would take the Tylenol every four hours and rotate the Advil in between. The fever stayed until the Covid left.

Body Aches

The body aches were the worst. Like I said earlier, my hair even hurt. All of my joints hurt. My skin hurt and every single bone in my body hurt. This also stayed like this for the duration of having Covid.

Kidney Infection

In the beginning of Covid I developed a severe kidney infection that also stayed until the end. The kidney infection was so bad that I almost could not urinate. I had to treat the kidney infection with those kidney numbing pills. They seemed to help alot.

Lungs Hurt

My lungs hurt very badly. From the very beginning, my lungs felt like that they were on fire. Everytine I would breathe in or out it would hurt. It literally felt like my lungs were inflamed and coughing didnt help at all. It just made it worse.

Severe Cough

Once again, from the very beginning I developed a cough that got worse and worse as time went on. The cough also stayed the entire duration. It hurt my lungs so bad to cough. It felt like my lungs were gonna explode every time I coughed. All I could do was treat the cough with OTC cough medicine.

Weird Brain Fog

There was a point on day 3 and 4 that I developed what I call a weird brain fog. Its almost like my brain was trying to disassociate from my body. It was the weirdest feeling that I have ever felt. It even made my brain feel weird.

Body Tingles

Again on about day 3 and day 4 I started to develop these body tingles. It was a weird tingling sensation that went up and down my body. These body tingles also stayed for the rest of the duration.

Ringing in the Ears

The ringing in the ears started about the same time as the fever. Because every time my fever would spike and go up, my ears would start ringing. So I just associated the ringing in the ears with my fever getting higher each time.

Panic Attacks

In my opinion, this was one of the worst things that I went through while I had Covid. I take medications for panic disorder and they keep me from having panic attacks. But the Covid seemed to override the medication and I started having severe anxiety and the worst panic attacks of my life. Even with being on medications. The panic attacks also stayed for the duration of having Covid.

Depression and Mania Symptoms

Because I have bipolar disorder, I suffer from mania and depression. I noticed some mania symptoms early on but mostly depression symptoms. About half way through the duration of having Covid I started having symptoms of depression. Once again, I take medications for depression and mania so that I don’t have these symptoms. I guess that the Covid was so strong that it would override the medication because I got severely depressed and had some minor mania symptoms until the end of having Covid.


COVID-19 is a novel strain of the coronavirus not previously identified in humans. A recently identified coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has caused a respiratory disease pandemic around the world, called COVID-19. If you or someone you know has a mental illness and gets Covid, be sure to stay on top of your symptoms because in my case I showed mental illness symptoms during Covid even while on medication. Just be aware of your symptoms and talk to your doctor if you have to about adjusting your medications if needed.

More Information About Mental Health and Covid

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year, countless individuals are experiencing various levels of uncertainty, isolation, and mental health challenges. We now have a more definitive understanding of the mental health impacts of the pandemic. Some people with mental health problems are more likely to show mental illness symptoms while having Covid.

A major study also found that individuals who had pre-existing mental health conditions were 65% more likely to have been diagnosed with coronavirus compared with individuals who did not. People that also have substance use disorders, particularly tobacco or opioid addiction, are more likely to experience worse symptoms if they get COVID-19.

CDC Resource – CDC Coping With Mental Health and Covid

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