I Lost my Son to Depression and a Drug Overdose Today

I Lost my Son to Depression and a Drug Overdose Today
I Lost my Son to Depression and a Drug Overdose Today

I wish that it was not true but I am now living my nightmare. I have lost my son to depression and a drug overdose today. I got the phone call that no-one wants to get early this morning. On the other end of the line was my mother.

Getting the Call

I could hear my mothers voice cracking as she said that they found my son dead with a needle still sticking out of his arm. At this point, I literally lost it. I would no longer ever see him again or hug him again or tell him to hang in there, it gets better again.

My History of Drug Use

I was addicted to drugs for many years until God finally saved me from the depths of hell. I always tried to preach to my son to stay away from drugs and alcohol. But he went straight to them and even fell into depression. As far as I know, he had been addicted to opiates for about 5 years now.

Waiting on Autopsy Results

So now we have to wait on an autopsy. His birth mother is in the hospital having surgery during all of this. It looks like that they will do the autopsy sometime Thursday. Once the autopsy is done he will be released after the findings which should be about Sunday.

According to what the autopsy results are will determine the next course of action. Even though we do believe that it is a drug overdose, which could have been intentional or non-intentional, the autopsy will tell us that. The autopsy will also tell us if it is natural causes or something else.

Releasing His Body

He is in Georgia and we are in Mississippi. So when the release the body, our local funeral home will have to go get him and bring him here to the funeral home. Then we start the process of having a wake and a funeral. This all should take place early next week.

The Wait

So now we just sit and wait. This is the hardest part is the not knowing and not knowing what to do next. But for the time being we have to wait on the autopsy and just go from there. I’m just ready to have my boy back home.

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