What is a Bipolar Manic Episode

What is a Bipolar Manic Episode
What is a Bipolar Manic Episode
What is a Bipolar Manic Episode

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that causes extreme mood swings. Individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder may experience manic episodes and need immediate treatment. Manic episodes can result in poor judgment and make people more likely to engage in risky behavior. They may spend money and time more recklessly than usual. They may even hurt themselves or others. Those with bipolar disorder should consult a doctor before trying any of these activities.

Essentially, a manic episode is a period in which the sufferer experiences high levels of energy, creativity, and euphoria. A manic episode makes it difficult to focus and keep up with conversations. During an episode, the person may feel like they are all-powerful and invincible. They might also engage in risky behaviors like binge drinking, taking drugs, or overspending.

Patients with bipolar disorder experience periods of extreme moods and uncharacteristic behavior. Depressed people may be sad and lose interest in most activities, while manic individuals feel energetic and full of energy. They may also experience sleep problems. Although the severity of bipolar manic episodes varies from person to person, the signs and symptoms are very similar. If a person feels unmotivated, they may stop therapy in order to feel more energetic. A manic episode may also be more frequent or last longer.

Behaviors During Bipolar Manic Episodes

What is a Bipolar Manic Episode
What is a Bipolar Manic Episode

Pressured Speech

Pressured speech is one symptom of a bipolar manic episode. This symptom goes hand-in-hand with racing thoughts. The person will often speak too quickly and urgently without pausing for others to finish their sentences. They may also say inappropriate things or do things they do not normally do. Sleeping during a manic episode is also difficult, and they may have trouble falling asleep. They may be awake for more than 24 hours at a time or sleep just a few hours per night.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a serious issue for people with bipolar disorder. Many people suffering from bipolar disorder experiment with drugs and alcohol to help stabilize their moods. These drugs and alcohol may provide a temporary fix to the mood swings and can even make the person feel normal while their mind is in a state of extreme disarray. While it’s never a good idea to engage in substance abuse during bipolar manic episodes, many people find it difficult to resist the temptation to indulge. Often, they turn to alcohol or drugs to help them cope with their mood swings, but this behavior can make their bipolar disorder worse.


For many couples, talking about hypersexuality during bipolar manic episodes is not easy. The person experiencing the bipolar episode may feel ashamed about their desires or angry that their partner does not match their libido. On the other hand, the partner may be frustrated by the constant sexual overtures. It may be helpful to seek professional help for the disorder and find a therapist who can guide you through this process.

Increased Energy With Hyperactivity

Increased energy and hyperactivity are key components of mania. In bipolar disorder, increased motor activity and irritability are clinical hallmarks of mania. During the manic phase of bipolar disorder, the sufferer experiences feelings of heightened energy and creativity. They may become hyperactive, engage in risky behavior, or engage in unsafe sex. These symptoms may require hospitalization. If left untreated, mania may lead to other dangerous behaviors and may result in the death of the sufferer.

Racing Thoughts

Racing thoughts is one of the first indicators of a bipolar going into a manic state. Basically, the brain is moving to fast that they cant keep their thoughts on one thing. They keep moving from thought to thought and so on. Like I states earlier, Racing thoughts are often one of the first symptoms to show up when someone with bipolar disorder is entering a manic episode. There is absolutely nothing you can do for it except take mood stabilizers and antipsychotics to slow down the racing thoughts .It can be a debilitating experience when you cant focus one thought a time and your brain wont stop racing. It can be called excessive thoughts without the brains ability to slow it down.

Frivolous Money Spending

There is just something that goes hand in hand with bipolar disorder and frivolous money spending. What this means is spending money at will and reckless spending your money. Even if you spend all of your money. Bipolar takes away the consequence effect of money spending. A person with bipolar whos in a manic state will also spend money at will and on whatever he or she wants. The have no accountability when it comes to spending money even if they spend it all. This reckless spending is one of the trademarks of of a bipolar person who is in a manic state.

No Consequences

Once you enter in to a bipolar mania state consequences never enter the brain, If they did the brain would be moving so fast that it could not process it. Everything associated with a bipolar manic state goes against any type of consequence that a normal brain would process. Bipolar mania creates impairment and lack of insight which in return makes it hard to focus on consequences. When you add a brain that has thoughts that cant be still long enough to even think about consequences. Then you add impulsivity with distractibility and you have a brain that cant even comprehend what a consequence is..

Final Thoughts

There are medications for bipolar disorder that can help control symptoms and control the manic and depressive episodes. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may need to try several different medications before finding the one that works best for you. If you’re considering taking medication, you should discuss the risks and benefits with your healthcare provider. The most important thing to remember is to take the medication according to your doctor’s instructions.

What is a Bipolar Manic Episode
What is a Bipolar Manic Episode

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