Is Bipolar Disorder Heredity

Is Bipolar Disorder Heredity
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is bipolar disorder hereditary

Bipolar disorder is a dreaded disease that affects millions of people. So, is bipolar disorder heredity? I really think it is and I have the family lineage to prove it. There are many genetic factors that can be passed down through bloodlines. So, why not bipolar disorder. If most other health conditions can trickle down the family blood line than so can bipolar disorder.

I honest believe that people can at least be susceptible to becoming bipolar. Because of the genetics in the bloodline. I have bipolar disorder. So did my great grandmother and her grandmother. What are the odds that three different family members from the same family blood line have the same exact mental illness.

Bipolar and Other Heredity Conditions

You could say the same for other hereditary conditions and even addiction problems. I to suffer from addiction and so did mysame family members. It seems to me that there are different types of health conditions that can be hereditary and run through blood lines but what do doctors and scientists have to say about it.

I come from a long family history of mental illness and bipolar disorder. Genetics is not the sole cause of bipolar disorder but there are genetic factors. Twin studies have shown strong genetic components in bipolar disorder may raise the risk, making it one of the most heritable mental health disorders. Although the exact causes of bipolar disorder are not known, scientifically, there is evidence of a genetic component, meaning bipolar disorder may run in families.

The reason for this is still not clear, but many bipolar individuals have close relatives who also were diagnosed with the same, or another, mood disorder. There does seem to be a family history of people with Bipolar Disorder.

Hereditary Genes

Some studies actually have linked a discernible family component to psychiatric disorders. While the pattern of direct heritability is still somewhat unclear, genetic variants in several genes combined in a certain order are thought to make it more likely for someone to develop bipolar disorder and other mental disorders. Other causes and risk factors Alongside genetics, there are a few environmental factors that seem to play a role in the induction of bipolar disorder and mental illness in susceptible individuals.

Other risk factors While there is a genetic component for developing bipolar disorder, there must also be other environmental and behavioral factors present in order for symptoms of this mental health condition to occur. We have enough evidence to know that certain factors are passed down through the family lineage. The same goes for mental aspects like bipolar disorder.

Even though the science may not always agree with this, the overwhelming proof is evident in families that have a history of mental illness and bipolar disorder. Even if it comes from more of a susceptible role. People can be more susceptible to bipolar disorder or mental illness because someone in their family history had it. Not all doctors believe in this but I do. I have seen the evidence in my own family. Bipolar Disorder is a real disease and it does run in family bloodlines.

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